pernottamento e sport

Spend a moment of relaxation doing SPORT over the Walls of Lucca, a moment of sports above the stunningly verdant walls of Lucca.

Running 5km over the walls of Lucca with a Personal Trainer,  with STRETCHING session (for a total of about 70 minutes) at a special price agreement with our B & B “Ai Cipressi”.




Tao yoga

Yoga is an age-old practice that is good for the body, posture, breath and spirituality. Discover the origins of yoga, the different types, their benefits.

Spend a moment of relaxation with a TAO YOGA session (or TAIJIQUAN).

A session of Tao Yoga (or Taijiquan) at a special price agreement with our B & B “Ai Cipressi”.



Tuscany in general and Lucca in particular, are world famous for the excellence of traditional dishes.

At 300 meters away from our B & B you will find an excellent Restaurant Pizzeria.

special prices for lunch and dinner for our guests.



Affiliated tickets for the Permanent Festival “Giacomo Puccini and his Lucca”, daily concerts, with music of the Famous Master.

Lucca, the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini, dedicated to the famous composer, the only permanent festival in the world: “Puccini and his Lucca”; recitals, opera arias, special concerts throughout the year.

Concerts last about an hour and a half, are taught by renowned national and international singers and musicians.

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