logo-francigenaUpon the sixteenth century Walls of Lucca, near Porta Elisa, a very short walk from our B&B-Hotel “Ai Cipressi”, born Complex Museum “Via Francigena Entry Point” which is divided into recently buildings and spaces restored wishing to offer to Lucca , to Tuscany, to the traditional slow walking tourism , to religious pilgrimage,  a series of cultural and tourist services variously articulated. In the intriguing rooms of the former Executioner’s House, the MUSEUM lets you immerse yourself in a strong emotional experience titled: “Francigena Emotion. The Journey, Faith, Beauty.” Visitors can also enjoy an entirely new concept multimedia tour. The museum offers visitors a bookshop, guided tours, reservations and tourist information.

Francigena Emotion. The Journey, Faith, Beauty. An intensely immersive virtual experience leads to the discovery of the Via Francigena and the city of Lucca through time and space, tracing the most charming and fascinating moments of European history. The Via Francigena is a life and faith experience  practiced by millions of pilgrims since the beginning of the year one thousand until our own days and it represents a key resource for the evolution of European culture. In order  to restore the complexity of the visual and symbolic “Wonderful Anchors” that have made our country a unique environment of art, a narrative path has been designed, within which the MEMORY of the VIA FRANCIGENA tells the story of a series of imaginary travelers who have traveled the Francigena over seven centuries, starting from the year one thousand until the end of the seventeenth century. Emotion Francigena surrounds and involves adults and children with the help of images, illustrations, music, narrations animated in the wonderfully restored rooms of the Monumental former Executioner’s House of Bastion San Salvatore.